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Control your hearing aids with your Android Smartphone

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Hearing Aid Technology & Accessories

The confidence of using your smartphone to control your hearing aids. The pleasure of wireless streaming. The convenience of overnight charging. The right accessories make life with hearing aids more fun and more functional. Discover the broad range of Miracle-Ear accessories and all the miraculous possibilities for improving the quality of your hearing experience.

Easy. Smart. Discreet. The NEW GENIUS App.

Our new GENIUS app turns your smartphone into a remote control, letting you control your hearing aid volume and settings from the touchscreen with the ease and discretion of sending a text. 

NEW!  GENIUSlink and GENIUSlink App

Wirelessly and easily connect to your Bluetooth - enabled devices to hear your favorite sounds clearly.  Use with your MP3 player, phone, TV, and other audio sources to hear directly with both ears. One multifunction button makes it simple to switch between multiple audio devices. 

Discreetly control the sounds that you want to hear with your smartphone, especially in challenging environments, whether in front, back or to the side.

You can also connect and listen to your favorite apps (such as Facetime, Pandora, Google Maps, Apple TV, and more!)

Smartphone App

The Miracle-Ear mini MEBluConnect Remote App communicates with the mini MEBluConnect through Bluetooth* connectivity. You can use it to discreetly select your source and make volume and other adjustments to your hearing aid, right from your phone. It provides convenience when you're out and about and discretion when and where you choose.

mini MEBluConnect

The Miracle-Ear mini MEBluConnect weighs in at less than two ounces and is compatible with a wide range of wireless devices. This accessory features the ability to connect with multiple television transmitters and cell phones. Volume and program changes can be made to your hearing aids with a touch of a button.


The MEBluConnect is ideal for Miracle-Ear users who want access to both wireless connectivity and large, easy-to-use buttons.

MEBluConnect Transmitters

The optional second MEBluConnect Transmitter can be connected to your mini MEBluConnect device, so you don't have to choose between connecting your wireless communication device to the living room TV or the bedroom TV.