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Hearing Aid Technology & Accessories

New! Smartphone App

Mobile App and BlueTooth TechnologyThe Miracle-Ear mini MEBluConnect Remote App communicates with the mini MEBluConnect through Bluetooth* connectivity. You can use it to discreetly select your source and make volume and other adjustments to your hearing aid, right from your phone. It provides convenience when you're out and about and discretion when and where you choose. This new app is designed for your busy life.

Bluetooth hearing aid technologies

mini MEBluConnect

The Miracle-Ear mini MEBluConnect weighs in at less than two ounces and is compatible with a wide range of wireless. This accessory features the ability to connect with multiple television transmitters and cell phones. Volume and program changes to your hearing can be made with a touch of a button.


The MEBluConnect is ideal for Miracle-Ear users who want access to both wireless connectivity and large, easy-to-use buttons.

MEBluConnect Transmitters

The optional second MEBluConnect Transmitter can be connected to your mini MEBluConnect device, so you don't have to choose between connecting your wireless communication device to the living room TV or the bedroom TV.

Hearing protection and hearing amplification

Miracle-Ear GuardianThe Miracle-Ear Guardian is a comfortable, custom-fit device that is worn inside the ear canal. Advanced electronics protects your hearing against damaging loud noises, while digital sound processing provides a boost to conversation and other soft, desirable sounds. Protect against dangerous noise without compromising hearing for essential communications and safety.

  • Custom fit to your exact ear shape, for comfort and a secure fit without getting in the way
  • 4 channel digital sound processing for better sound quality
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) = 20 decibels
  • Volume control with 24 dB range
  • Optional telecoil for ease of communication on two-way radios, etc.
  • Batteries provide up to 230 hours of operation
  • 1 year warranty
  • Available in beige, red, blue or blaze orange

Why is the Guardian better than conventional hearing protection?

Conventional hearing protection devices, including foam earplugs and earmuffs, block out harmful noise, but they also obstruct other essential sounds. Guardian is different, because it protects your hearing and can slightly amplify desirable sounds.

Another key advantage: we custom fit the device to the exact shape of your ear canal. This provides a better "seal" against noise without giving you the "plugged-up" feeling that you can get with conventional hearing protection. In addition, Guardian's discreet in-the-canal fit means it's less bulky and cumbersome than muffs.

Hearing Aid Remotes

Hearing Aid Pen Remote

Hearing Aid Pen RemoteThe Miracle-Ear Pen Remote offers the ultimate level of control in a small, discreet package. With this Pen Remote, you can fit your hearing aid remote control into your shirt pocket, ensuring that adjusting your hearing aid is a simple as the "click of a pen".

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Remote

The standard Miracle-Ear remote features an easy-to-use interface that enables hearing aid wearers to adjust the volume, program and environment of their Miracle-Ear hearing aid. This remote enables users to adjust their hearing aid to react to changing hearing situations without having to touch their hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Chargers & Dehumidifiers

Combination Hearing Aid Charger and Dehumidifier

Hearing Aid ChargersA multi-purpose charger/hearing aid dehumidifier. Never run out of batteries at the last minute - your batteries are ready and charged each morning. Reduces the challenges of working with tiny batteries that can be difficult to see and handle. The built-in dryer helps to eliminate moisture which can collect in your hearing aids, reducing your hearing aid performance and ability to hear.

Car Charger

Keep your hearing aid charger, mini MEBluConnect or MEBluConnect fully charged when you are on the road. This optional accessory is compatible with your Miracle-Ear hearing devices when you are away from home.